O’Connor, Brooks & Co., P.C. can assist in the preparation of financial security for loved ones and future generations with effective trust planning. Our experienced professionals can help you navigate the complex and ever-shifting tax laws and regulations to facilitate the process and minimize the tax effect to your beneficiaries. O’Connor, Brooks & Co., P.C. can help you carefully plan a strategy for your loved ones, that will assist in preventing unanticipated complications to deal with at a time of loss. Whether securing the future of a spouse or the eventual liquidation of your estate, consultations with our knowledgeable professionals will assist in the creation of the strategy and implementation of the processes required to achieve your desired results.

A smooth succession of business ownership or the transfer of assets can be an intimidating and daunting task. The transition of business ownership, whether to beneficiaries or employees, requires a carefully developed and executed plan. O’Connor, Brooks & Co., P.C. can assist in the planning and creation of processes and procedures that will accomplish your desired outcomes. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals are able to assist the achievement of your business succession goals.


Photo credit: Mark Dierker