Artist Bio – Mark A. Dierker

Mark loves exploring light and how it is interpreted by a camera.

He began taking photos in the mid-1970’s with a fixed lens Yashica camera his father gave him. In college he developed a love for black and white photography and the sweeping landscapes of the American Southwest. Working for newspapers after college helped hone his skills in portraiture and documentary photography. He gets much of his inspiration from his frequent travels. His favorite genres are landscape, portraiture, musical performance and Americana. He is an award -winning photographer having shown in over 200 galleries around the world. In 2005 he started Bear Dancer Studios to showcase his photographic artwork.

Mark received a BA in Journalism with a minor in photography from Adams State College in Alamosa, CO and is working toward an MA in Communication.

One of two sons in a military family, Mark was born in Carthage, IL but grew up all over the US. He spent over 20 years in the publishing industry. He is now a freelance editor and graphic designer and splits his time between a home in Dubuque, IA, and a family farm near Rushville, IL. He lives with his partner Debra and their 3 cats, Gypsy, Beryl and Ruby. He is currently working to open his own art gallery in Dubuque called Widdershins Gallery at Bear Dancer Studios.

Artist Statement: 

I tend to see the world in more saturated colors than most people. I find the images taken by my camera inadequate to express that richness of color so I do a lot of post processing work to bring the image back to as close as what I saw originally. I like my images to be more painterly than documentary in style. I’m always interested in hearing what the viewer sees in my images and how close their interpretation is to my intent. The central theme to all my fine art photography is light and how it behaves in a given environment. I’m more interested in capturing light in its natural forms than creating artificial light or forcing it to do what it wouldn’t do naturally. 


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