Pat joined the firm in the fall of 1988 and is currently the Vice President of the company.  He has been providing valuable accounting services to businesses located in the tristate area of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin ever since.  In addition to accounting services, Pat and his coworkers perform income tax preparation and tax management services.  He is also the Principal In-Charge of audits of the financial statements for State and Local Governments in Illinois and Not-For-Profit organizations operating within the States of Illinois and Iowa.  Pat is well versed in retail, agriculture, professional services, and wholesale business operations and financial reporting requirements.

Financial Reporting Services provided by Pat and firm personnel include payroll processing and financial statement compilation to company clients.  Pat performs audits of financial statements for governments, nonprofit organizations and closely held businesses.  He also performs audit and review services of agricultural grain dealers’ financial statements for dealers in the States of Iowa and Illinois.

Clients served by Pat vary from single individuals located as far away as Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, Colorado and many other locations across the country to City and Municipal agencies in Iowa and Illinois as well as larger corporate entities.  Services performed include income tax management and analysis as well as succession planning and trust issues.

Pat is active within the local community of Galena, Illinois and other professional associations related to his accounting, auditing and income tax profession.  He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Illinois CPA Society and serves on the Illinois CPA Society Government Report Review Committee of which he is past Chairperson.  He has previously served as an officer and member of The Galena Area Chamber of Commerce (Treasurer), Rotary International Galena Rotary (President) and the Galena Rotary Charitable Foundation (Director).  He is Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.

Pat and his wife Kristine raised their family in Galena, Illinois that includes three children and ten grandchildren.  Both Pat and Kristine enjoy golfing, fishing and football and attempt to partake in their related activities whenever possible.  They also enjoy attending local and community events sponsored by many various charities and nonprofit organizations.

Pat brings many years of experience and expertise to engagements with O’Connor, Brooks & Co. P.C. clients and has a unique ability to communicate and understand client needs.

To contact Pat, please call him in the Galena, Illinois office at telephone number 815-777-1880.