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    Located in the heart of Dubuque & Galena, we are your local, independent Certified Public Accountants.

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    Our Galena office is located on Spring Street.

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Financial Reporting

Without accurate and timely reports and record keeping, managing a business or not-for-profit enterprise is akin to driving at night with the headlights turned off. O’Connor, Brooks & Co., P.C. can help with information processing and provide timely and accurate reports


Whether a start-up or well established enterprise, businesses or not-for-profit organization entities rely on accurate, timely and insightful financial information in order to maintain and enhance profitability and take full advantage of new opportunities.

Tax Management/Consulting

O’Connor, Brooks & Co., P.C. can assist in the preparation of financial security for loved ones and future generations with effective trust planning.ng. Our experienced professionals can help you navigate the complex and ever-shifting tax laws and regulations to facilitate the process and minimize the tax effect to your beneficiaries.


The selection of the type of business entity to operate can have a large impact on your income tax liability and many other issues resulting from daily operation.

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